Science-Medical Department

Lieutenant Commander 2 Susan Webber
Chief Medical Officer of the USS Joshua

Hello there, web surfer!

You have – accidentally or otherwise – stumbled upon the page of the USS Joshua's Science-Medical Department. My name is Susan Webber, and I have the pleasure of serving as the Joshua's Chief Medical Officer. In case your arrival here is an unexpected revelation, here are some (at least hypothetically) “Frequently Asked Questions”:

Q: What is the “Science-Medical Department”?

A: “Sci-Med” as it is typically abbreviated, is one of five departments of the “USS Joshua” a starship-themed social club for fun-loving aficionados of Science Fiction and related genres, which is based in the city of Irving, in Dallas county, Texas.

Q: Why does this department exist?

A: The department aims to further club and community interest and awareness in the field of the Medical and other sciences.

Q: What will the future hold?

A: (As I am not a competent prognosticator, I will limit the scope of this answer to the Department, and not the Universe in general.) I plan to continue the objective of having at least one meeting centered specifically around science-themed programming. If the ship's ever-so-busy schedule permits, I wish to continue to pursue the idea of having a science-related “away mission” (note: suggestions for outings would be greatly appreciated). I also plan to continuously improve the dissemination of science-related information, through the ship's newsletter, the “Engage.”

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to tell me? (Ok, so this question is a bit contrived!)

A: I would like to express my deepest thanks to all crew and friends, for making my first year of service such a pleasant experience. I look forward to once again helping to serve this ship, which has been so good to us, and has given us so much enjoyment over years past.

[end of CMO log entry]


Lt. Commander Susan Webber
(682) 459-7077


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