Communications Department

Welcome to the Communication Department aboard the USS Joshua.

I am Sr. Commander Willa Perryman, currently the Chief of Communications for the USS Joshua. Iím a media junkie and a triviaholic, at least in part, because I grew up in a house where something was always on. There was a TV, stereo (with those mythical grooved vinyl things called ďrecordsĒ), or radio playing most of the time. I got my love of books from my mother, and my love of singing from my father. So, I come by my vices honestly. In no particular order my interests include TV, movies, reading good books (science fiction and some fantasy mostly), singing, collecting dragons and plates, playing games (cards, board games, trivia), and of course, attending Joshua activities.

As Chief of Communications for the Joshua, my duties include publishing the ENGAGE! newsletter and maintaining the Joshua website events page, which lists all the upcoming fun activities. The Joshua thrives on fun, and as you may have noticed, I like to laugh! Iím genuinely excited about whatís ahead for the Joshua and her crew, and I look forward to sharing the challenges, the fellowship, and the laughter with all of you.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the Communications Department, please address them to me in person or send an email to If you'd like to join the Communications Department or just send in an article for the newsletter, please feel free to send an email or bring printed material to a meeting. All communications channels are open.


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